What is Anxiety

What is Anxiety

Anxiety, depression and worry could show itself in physical ways as well as mentally , physical health conditions like stomach problems, back pain, heart disease or skin conditions as a result of stress and anxiety. You could feel overloaded by demands being placed on you maybe in work, personal life, relationships or the impact of a past event that has stayed with you, or your reaction to being put under pressure is to feel upset, worried or unable to cope, you might describe yourself as feeling stressed but its much more than that.

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Working on mindfulness and meditation could have an impact on you not feeling stressed or overloaded, Relaxation is key ( I’m not saying go hug a tree!). Allowing yourself to be compassionate towards yourself is also another element of moving forward as we know we can be very harsh on ourselves ever heard the saying “we are our own worst enemy” point in question!

Ok lets look at Anxiety and negative thoughts, we have all been in that position where we have been thinking negative about either a situation or even a person where we have no clue where its come from but as far as your concerned this is fact or is it …….

These thoughts become habit, without even knowing it we create a new negative cycle and this just like a drug is like an addiction that we cant get away from and before we know it its taken over. Let me tell you something I’ve been there. That thought that your not good enough, even if you try your best it wont work, I’m not important so I’m not going to burden someone else with my problems and my personal favourite I’m not important.

These thoughts become a habit overtime without us even realising so, just to prove a point answer these questions , when you get dressed in the morning…..

  • What sock do you put on first?
  • What leg do you put into your jeans first?
  • What shoe do you put on first?

See creature of habit!

Also it’s the same with your thoughts they become a habit whether negative or positive everyone is similar but its about breaking that cycle, creating new habits. So I want you to remember two things

1) Its ok not to be ok but what’s no ok is being stuck there – its ok to ask for help
2) You’re important too!

Try this https://www.nhs.uk/apps-library/my-possible-self/ and even better it’s free!

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