The Trauma of Covid-19

The Trauma of Covid-19

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has brought on a fair share of questions and worries. In fact, the situation we are currently living through is one that has left many people dealing with trauma. This article will be looking at the trauma you may have experienced during the lockdown as well as how you can get back up from it.

Uncertain Times

There has never been a time before that has brought as many questions as Covid-19 has. Not only this, but this pandemic has brought uncertainty that was merely a fictional possibility in the past, something we’d see in movies like 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow. Now, it’s almost impossible to book a vacation without fearing that we won’t be able to make it back without having to quarantine, and a second wave is on the horizon. These uncertain times can create trauma in a person as having no control over the events that follow is stress and anxiety-inducing.

No More Stability

In the United Kingdom, we are becoming more and more aware of the recession that is coming our way (in fact, we are already in one). Because of this, most of us are rather worried about our jobs. We aren’t sure we’ll be able to make it until Christmas and this lack of stability is extremely stressful. This is another form of trauma that you may be experiencing, alongside feelings of depression that have unfortunately been on the rise throughout the UK. The life we were used to up until now feels like it may be gone forever. The cafés are closed, or close at 3 PM in London’s city center– unseen before–, the pubs are half empty and the housing market is cheaper than ever before. Yet this all screams uncertainty. So, who can blame you for fearing the current circumstances and feeling traumatized by this rather swift change of events? Although this may be a bleak perspective of life, there is a positive side to all this– you can do something about it.

Indeed, trauma doesn’t mean that you will struggle with this forever. Instead, you can take care of this trauma by reestablishing control and a routine where you can. If you feel like you’ve lost control and like the uncertainty and instability are too much, look at what you do have control over and focus on this, even better, engage in self-care!. This should be a good start to feel like you are gaining control over your life once again.