Is Your Fear Of Getting Sick affecting your life ?

We all have days where we worry about things. Our lymph node is swollen and we think it might be a mass or even a tumour. We then head over to an online symptom checker just to read that it might be cancer and that we’re going to die in a few years. Has this ever happened to you? Of course, this can happen to all of us. If we notice that something feels different in our bodies, we might start wondering if that’s normal or if we should be worrying about it. However, when the worry of being sick, or when we are anxious about our health, it can quickly turn into something different: health anxiety, or hypochondria.

What is Health Anxiety

Hypochondria, also known as health anxiety, is a disorder that affects many people. Health anxiety causes a preoccupation or fear of having a serious physical condition. For those suffering from hypochondria, they will find that it can be hard to cope with their condition at times, and this is where therapy comes in. According to Healthline, the symptoms are as follows:

  • worrying about your health so much it affects your day-to-day life
  • checking your body for lumps and bumps
  • paying attention to odd sensations such as tingling and numbness
  • constantly seeking reassurance from those around you
  • refusing to believe medical professionals
  • obsessively seeking tests such as blood tests and scans

What Does Hypochondria Consist Of?

A hypochondriac will often have problems stop looking at themselves in the mirror trying to find lumps and bumps, or may even fear going to see their doctor for advice as they will think that the doctor’s opinion is wrong and that there truly is something wrong with them. This is because they are convinced they are ill, and they genuinely believe that is not right with their body.

Can Hypochondria Lead to Real Physical Symptoms?

Indeed, it has been well proven that if an individual thinks they are sick, they may feel like they are developing the symptoms of the said disease or sickness. This is why we use a placebo in studies in order to see whether patients truly have symptoms or whether this is a figment of their
imagination. With health anxiety, patients who suffer from this may genuinely believe that they are ill and may have a very difficult time quitting this mindset. Health anxiety is a form of anxiety
as suggested by the name, thus the treatment plans and symptoms are similar to those for anxiety. And, anxiety is known to have physical repercussions, making it clear that health anxiety can also trigger physical symptoms.
Therefore, if you feel like you may be anxious about your health to a level that it is affecting your life, make sure to reach out for help regarding this. Indeed, health anxiety can make you physically hurt, thus it’s vital that you take care of this as soon as possible.